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West Bengal, India
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CPRX Compound is a rubberised bituminous adhesive in the form of an emulsion of brushable consistency.

Area of Application

CPRX Compound is recommended for the fixing of expanded/extruded Polystyrene (thermocole), insulex soft boards and fibreglass insulation slabs to all type of structures where bituminous adhesive is acceptable. It may be used to stick insulation sheets on to concrete, timber, metal or other insulation sheets. It is particularly suitable for use in cold storage to ensure good adhesion to walls and ceilings. It may also be used for sticking thermocole sections used for the insulation of refrigeration pipe work. Special grades are available for fixing tiles, linoleum, etc.

Application Methodology
1. Thoroughly clean both the surfaces which are to be stuck together. Particular care should be taken to remove dust and loose particles from concrete or plaster.
2. Apply CPRX Compound by brush on both surfaces and leave to break for 15-20 minutes. When the applied film turns dark brown to black, both the surfaces which are to be stuck together should be pressed firmly.
3. Apply firmly and with even pressure over the whole area which is to be stuck and expel entrapped air. The adhesive will hold the sheet in place immediately but no attempt should be made to pull the sheet.
CPRX Compound requires 24 hrs to obtain the full bond strength, so no additional work is to
be done on the completed surface for at least a day.
CPRX Compound is available in 20ltrs. and 200 ltrs. containers.
When not in actual use, the container should be kept tightly closed to preserve the contents.
Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.