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Place of Origin:
West Bengal, India
Main Raw Material:
Building Coating
Application Method:
Brand Name:




ShaliPoxyTMCTE-HB is a self priming, two-component Coal Tar Epoxy coating, black in colour, used to protect steel, concrete structures, timber and other construction materials in corrosive environment. It is an excellent abrasion resistant anti-corrosive coating system. Areas of Application ShaliPoxyTMCTE-HB is recommended as a coating material for protection of:
Tanks, Piping (Concrete, steel) Sheet Piling Dams, Barrage gates, Penstocks, Crude oil storage tanks Foundation walls and sumps Concrete and Steel surfaces in sewage treatment plant

Paper Mills Chemical Plants
Underground Structures
Submerged Structures
Technical Data
Generic Type : Epoxy Polyamide Coal Tar Epoxy
Colour & Finish : Black, Semi-Gloss
Type : Two Component cold cure
Solid percentage by volume : 85±5
Application Temperature :
Ambient Air, °C :
Material, °C :
Surface, °C :
Humidity, % :
Temperature Resistant :
Continuous,°C : 75
Occasional,°C : 95
Pot Life, Hrs.,25°C : 4
Application : By brush/roller/Airless spray
Flash Point : Comp.-A: 29°C, Comp.-B: Over 71°C
Recommended DFT, micron : 350-400 (175-200 per coat)
Wet, micron, : 200-250 @ 4-5
Dry, micron : 175-200
Drying Time :
Set to touch, Hrs. :
Recoat time, Hrs. :
Final Cure :
Non-Immersion, days : 3
Immersion, days : 7
Hard Dry, days : 7
Shelf Life, months : 12
Mixing ratio : 4:1 by volume
Specific Gravity of the mix, Min. : 1.33 at 30°C
Properties of Cured Film :
Adhesive Strength, kg/cm², Min. : 25
Chemical Resistance : Excellent
Salt Spray : Passes
Usable temperature : Upto 75°C
Hardness (Shore D) : 60-70
Normal Minimum Maximum
16-32 10 49
18-29 13 --
18-29 10 38
20-80 0 85
At 10°C At 21°C At 38°C
24 6 4
72 18 12
STP Limited
ShaliPoxyTMCTE-HB is manufactured and packed in two separate components in a convenient ratio of 4:1 by volume, eliminating the need of weighment at site during mixing. It cures to a hard, smooth surface and possesses exceptional resistance to the effect of water immersion, salt
water, oil, acids, alkalies, crude oil, minerals etc.
The cured ShaliPoxyTMCTE-HB coating is flexible and affords excellent resistance to impact, thermal shock and abrasion.
Application Methodology
Surface Preparation:
Concrete-mechanical grinding or other suitable preparation is recommended for obtaining best results on concrete. Compressed air is used to remove residual dust or use brush to remove dust completely. Compressed air should be oil free. Apply only to dry surfaces.
Steel- Steel surface, which are to receive ShaliPoxyTMCTE-HB coating should be prepared by sand blasting or power tool or mechanical cleaning to a commercial grey metal finish. If prepared surface is contaminated by moisture or other contaminants, they should be re-blasted. Use suitable Epoxy Primer if required.
Mixing- The ShaliPoxy coating system is thixotropic in nature. It requires efficient stirring before application. The two component system is packed in two containers in the ratio of 4:1 by volume. First mix each component separately until uniform and then mix the components in the specified ratio until homogeneous. For best result, use a variable speed drill mixer with a spiral type blade at the bottom of stirrer rod. The speed may be 400-600 rpm. Place the spiral blade at the bottom of the container before starting the mixer. This will help avoiding inducting air into the mass. Slowly move the stirrer head up to the surface while stirring. Do not remove the blade while still it is
spinning. This procedure is continued for 5 minutes up and down to have a homogeneous mixing. Allow the combined mix to sit for an induction time of 20 minutes. Stir again gently with a hand stirrer to ensure uniformity before application.
Application- For best results, apply two coats of ShaliPoxyTMCTE-HB by brush, roller or spray. First coat should be allowed to dry tack free before application of second coat. The second coat should be applied as per enclosed technical data. Wipe first coat with MIBK and wipe dry with cloth before second coat or it may also be applied directly. Use ShaliPoxy-CTE thinner for diluting and cleaning purpose.
20 kg packing.
12 months in original unopened container. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
All products should be used in accordance with the manufacturers instruction. No responsibility will be taken by the manufacturer when conditions of use are beyond their control.
ShaliPoxyTMCTE-HB is a trademark owned by STP Limited

Copyright: All rights reserved. No part of this literature may be reproduced in any form whatsoever.
Note: The data given in this literature has been updated as of November 2006 and are subject to modification because of the constant efforts by STP Limited to improve the performance of its products and systems. This is not an offer for sale and does not imply any warranty unless specifically agreed to, and in writing by authorized signatories of STP Limited.

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