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West Bengal, India
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Other Waterproofing Materials


PipeWrapCT is a hot applied coal tar tape system, especially suited for site-wrapping on water, gas and oil pipelines besides be


PipeWrapCT is a hot applied coal tar tape system, especially suited for site-wrapping on water, gas and oil pipelines besides being one of the most effective solutions for refurbishment, repair and maintenance of existing pipelines. PipeWrapCT constitutes of a specially formulated coal tar enamel coating bonded to both sides of high tensile fabric. It has polythene film on either side to facilitate unwinding. PipeWrapCT is an easy to use anticorrosion tape suitable for a wide range of climatic conditions and ensures that your pipelines are shielded from all elements of nature.

Technical Data
Conforms to the specification of AWWA C203/2002, IS 10221 and IS 15337/2003
Characteristics Min. Max. Method of Test
Coating Compound
Softening Point, °C
Penetration at 25°C, 100 gm, 5 sec.
Filler, %
AWWA C203/02
Breaking Load in the Longitudinal direction
for the following thickness of tape, N/mm
a) 2.0 mm
b) 3.0 mm
c) 4.0 mm
ASTM D882 modified sec.
Service temperature of tape, °C -- 60 --
Adhesion test with applied tape on steel pipe Passes Sec. 4.6.8 of AWWA C 203/02
& of IS 15337
Cathodic disbondment test with applied tape on steel
Disbondment shall not be more than 5 mmradius
from the edge of the 6 mm holiday.
Annex G of BS 4164: 2002 &
Annex. D of IS 15337
Solubility of Coal tar based tape in Petrol, % wt. In 24
hrs. -- 5 Annex. C of IS 15337
Direct Impact test, disbanded area, mm² -- 10000 Sec. 5.3.7 of AWWA C203/02
& Annex B of IS 15337
Holiday Test, for the following thickness of tape, KV
2 mm
3 mm
4 mm
Sec. 4.6.9 of AWWA C203/02
& Annex B of IS 15337
Low temperature cracking test at 23.3°C -- None Sec. 5.3.5 of AWWA C203/02
Jet Set Primer Type C
It is a resin based synthetic primer containing only unmodified chlorinated rubber and small amount of coal tar pitch of same quality used for making coal tar tape. It is applied without heating and produces an effective bond between the surface to be protected and the subsequent coating of Coal Tar Tape. It can be applied by spraying or brushing. It does not contain any benzol or filler material.
Conforms to the requirements of AWWA C203/2002, IS 10221 and IS 15337.
Characteristics Min. Max. Method of Test
Specific Gravity at 30°C 1.00 1.10 --
Flash Point (Abel), °C 23 -- BS EN ISO 13736
Viscosity (Flow Time), 20°C, No. 4 Flow cup, sec. 35 60 BS EN ISO 2431
Volatile Matter, 100-110°C, Loss of mass, % -- 75 Annex A of BS 4164:2002
Drying Time, Minutes, Tack free 5 15 --`
Filler Material -- -- --
Coverage, 8 10 --

Standard Width : 300 mm and 1000 mm
Standard Length : 10 mtr. and 20 mtr
Standard Thickness : 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm
(Any other sizes available as per customers specific requirements)
Jet Set Primer Type-C : 20 litre and 200 litre drums
To keep under shed away from naked flame.
Application Methodology
Equipment: A torch with wide mouth burner is recommended

Surface Preparation: Shot and grit blasting recommended to SA 2½ standard. Alternatively, wire brush mechanically to SSPC-SP3 standard to remove any loose rust and scale, dust or dirt. Oil and grease are to be removed with a suitable solvent. The surface should then be sufficiently warmed with the torch to remove moisture.
Priming: Apply Jet Set Primer Type-C by brush or spray at the rate of 8 to 10 sq. mtr./ltr. Let Jet Set Primer Type-C dry before applying PipewrapTM. Drying time to touch within 5 to 15 minutes under dry atmospheric condition. Taping is to be completed within a day as per AWWA C203/02, IS 10221 & IS15337:2003.
PipeWrapCT Application:
Approximate Coverage:
External Pipe Diameter PipeWrapCT External Pipe Diameter PipeWrapCT
Ins mm Sq.Mtr./Km Ins mm Sq.Mtr./Km
3½ 89 345 18 457 1578
4½ 114 436 20 508 1746
65/8 168 609 22 559 1920
85/8 219 766 24 610 2094
103/4 273 951 26 660 2262
123/4 324 1130 30 762 2610
14 356 1235 31 787 2738
16 406 1409 34 864 3004
PipeWrapCT is a trademark owned by STP Limited
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Note: The data given in this literature has been updated as of November 2006 and are subject to modification because of the constant
efforts by STP Limited to improve the performance of its products and systems. This is not an offer for sale and does not imply any warranty
unless specifically agreed to, and in writing by authorized signatories of STP Limited.
1. Spiral Wrap:
a) Remove the polythene film from one side. Show flame of torch on coating side of PipeWrapCT until smooth, glossy finish is obtained.
b) Apply coating side to surface and alternately heat and then spirally wrap with 25 mm overlap.
2. Cigeratte Wrap:
a) Follow general instructions on priming and heating
b) Pre-cut strips of PipeWrapCT to match the circumference of pipe plus 50 mm
Technical Services:
Other technical data and advice are available on request.
Health and Safety:
The use of gloves, goggles and fibre type mask is recommended when applying PipeWrapCT .
Coating side
Film side
25 mm overlap
Film Side