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West Bengal, India
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Plasticised Pitch is a coal tar based hot-pour pipe coating material prepared by digesting solution of pitch and high boiling


Plasticised Pitch is a coal tar based hot-pour pipe coating material prepared by digesting solution of pitch and high boiling coal tar distillate modified by inert mineral filler. This is Tar Enamel in the coating industry.

Tests for Coating Materials on Primed Metal
Grade 105/8 Grade 120/5 Method of Test
Sag, maximum, mm
70°C, 24h 1.5 -- Annex B
80°C, 24h -- 1.5
Low temperature cracking and disbonding
-25°C none -- Annex C
-20°C -- none
Bend at 0°C
First crack, minimum, mm Annex D
Initial 15 --
After heating 10 --
Disbonded area, max, mm2
Initial 3000 --
After heating 5000 --
Disbonded area, max, mm2, Annex E
25°C 10000 --
Peel, initial and delayed (max, mm)
40°C 3.0 Annex F
50°C 3.0
60°C 3.0 3.0
70°C -- 3.0
Cathodic disbonding 5 5 Annex G
28 days, maximum, mm
Dielectric strength, 10 10 ASTM D 176
1 mm. KV, min
Volume Resistivity, 1013 1013 ASTM D 257
Ohm Cm, min
Characteristics of coating materials
Grade 105/8 Grade 120/5 Method of Test
Filler content by 25 to 35 25 to 35 Annex I
ignition, % by mass
Density at 25°C, 1.4 to 1.6 1.4 to 1.6 Annex J
Softening point 105 to 116 120 to 130* BS EN 1427
Penetration (total moving mass), 10-1mm25
25°C, 100g, 5 sec 5 to 12 1 to 9 Annex K
45°C, 50g, 5 sec 8 to 30 3 to 16
Flow time, seconds
230°C 9 to 16 -- Annex L
240°C -- 9 to 24
*The softening point range for this grade may be exceeded by agreement between the
manufacturer and purchaser
Recommended application 235 to 250 235 to 255
temperature, °C
Recommended pipe surface 65 to 100 65 to 100
profile, microns
Recommended DFT of synthetic 15 to 30 15 to 30
primer, microns
Recommended pipe pre-heating 40 to 50 40 to 50
temperature, °C
Recommended in service -25 to +65 -5 to +80
temperature, °C

We have the facilities to manufacture and assure quality of Plasticised Pitch conforming to the latest edition of BS 4164. We also manufacture Plasticised Pitch conforming to the latest editions of other recognized international standards, such as AWWA C 203, IS-9912, 1S-10221 or any other specification.

Plasticised Pitch provides a long-term protection to underground steel pipelines when
used along with Jet Set Primer. This system has been in use throughout India and
abroad for over 40 years. Use of Plasticised Pitch has the following advantages:
- Excellent adhesion to metal
- Corrosion protection
- High water resistance
- High electrical resistivity
- Cathodic disbonding resistivity
- Resistance to bacteria and marine organisms
- Root growth penetration resistance
- Resistance to damage due to impact of backfill
- Resistance to petroleum products
- Good flexibility and temperature susceptibility ity
- Chemical stability

Depending upon the size of the melting kettle, Plasticised Pitch is to be cut into small pieces of approximately 1 to 5 kg each. The kettle is to be filled to 40% of its capacity and heating to be started. After attaining fluidity the balance material is to be slowly added till it reaches the application temperature. The material is to be stirred occasionally to avoid carbonization at the bottom of the kettle. This will prevent coking of the material and save considerably on fuel. The material should be maintained at the application temperature for not more than 3 hours and the entire quantity should be consumed during this period. The quantity of enamel remaining in the kettle on reheating should not exceed 10% of the fresh charge. The maximum temperature of the
kettle should never exceed 260°C and enamel above this temperature should be rejected. Enamel held at the application temperature for more than 3 hours also to be rejected (when tested, if it is found off-specification). In the event of plant breakdown, or for any other reason, burner should be put off and the enamel temperature to be brought down to 180°C or lower, keeping agitator on for
a period not exceeding 8 hours. The enamel should not be applied to a primed pipe when metal temperature is below 7°C and care should be taken to ensure that the pipe is free from dust, dirt, oil and moisture.

- No special requirements for storage
- Should be stored in a clean place to avoid contamination
- Breaking up enamel into smaller pieces is easier when the ambient temperature is low
Plasticised Pitch is manufactured under stringent quality control. Our Company maintains its own laboratory and scientific staff to monitor the manufacture and testing of the enamel to the recognized standards.

Other technical data and advice are available on request. STP Limited leads the world in the quality and expertise of its technical support services. A company executive will reach anywhere in the world at minimal notice to assist with site application problems, should they arise, or to provide help with the commissioning of new coating plants.

- Usage of gloves and filter-type mask is recommended in the application area.
- Do not smoke when using Plasticised Pitch.
- In case of fire, use C02 dry powder or fine water spray.
- There should be adequate ventilation in areas of application.
- Do not use solvents to wash skin.
- Eye protection is recommended at all times. In case of accidental contact, wash
with cold water and seek medical help immediately.
- Barrier cream should preferably be applied for skin protection before
commencement of work. In case of skin contact with hot enamel, immerse in cold

- 250 kg steel drums
- 125 kg steel drums
- Special packs and packaging materials are also available on request
- Drums and bags are colour-coded for easy identification and marked with grade and
batch number.