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West Bengal, India
Electrical Insulating Varnish
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Jet Set Primer is a cold-applied, fast-drying Synthetic Primer consisting of chlorinated rubber, synthetic plasticiser & solvent


STPOuterwrap is Glass Fiber non-woven mat uniformly impregnated and heavily coated with a coal tar saturant, which is compatible with Coal Rar Enamel coating. STPOuterwrap has uniform porosity, which allows air and fumes to escape and the hot Coal Tar Enamel coating to bleed through it to ensure its fusion into the outer surface.

The porosity is maintained to the optimum level to promote effective adhesion between STPOuterwrap and Coal Tar Enamel. Fine mineral matter (Surfacing Material) is applied to the surface to prevent sticking between layers of STPOuterwrap. All loose or unbonded Surfacing Material is removed from STPOuterwrap before packaging. STPOuterwrap, when unrolled at temperature between 0 c

to 38oC, does not stick to itself to such an extent as to cause its tearing.



STPOuterwrap meets all the latest International AWWA C203 and Indian specifications IS: 7193 for Coal Tar Impregnated Non-woven Glass Fiber mat.




STPOutewrap shall be mechanically applied in a continuous end-feed machine and shall be applied to and fused onto, but not buried in the outer surface immediately following the final coat of enamel. To prevent gassing i.e formation of craters or voids in the enamel beneath the STPOuterwrap, high-humidity conditions should be avoided.

STPOuterwrap is also used as a repair material for small damaged area. STPOuterwrap shall be of suitable uniform width for smooth spiral application. The side lap of the STPOuterwrap is recommended to be at least 1.0" or 25 mm. The STPOuterwrap shall be applied neatly and smoothly with bleed-out between laps and shall be free of wrinkles, folds, buckles and air-pockets. Coating thickness can be controlled by speed of application, temperature of enamel and

tension while applying. Unless specified, the standard procedure is to use one or two inner wrap and one outer wrap for coating.



We recommend use of gloves, goggles and filter-type mask during application of the STPOuterwrap.



STPOuterwrap is supplied in the width and length as requested. The standard production dimensions are


DimensionsArea / RollIn addition to these, other
Inch * Feetm * mM2dimensions are available on
6 * 1081.960.1524 * 30045.72request. The given
9 * 1081.960.2286 * 30068.58dimensions are economical
12 * 1081.960.3048 * 30091.44as these entail minimal
18 * 1081.960.4572 * 300137.16wastage of Glass Fibre Mat



STPOuterwrap shall be stored upright on a dry surface in a cool dry area under shed away from hot source and naked flames. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The maximum storage height is 1.50 meters.


Quality Control is conducted very carefully in state-of-art STP laboratory by well qualified experienced engineers. Each batch of STPOuterwrap is tested and certified. A quality certificate is provided with each delivery.


STPOuterwrap is resistant to moisture, bacteria and soil erosion. STPOuterwrap is rotproof, provides reinforcement to Coal Tar Enamel coating against mechanical damages. STPOuterwrap also provides coating with higher electrical resistance with regard to cathodic protection.


83 gsm uniform mat of chemically resistant borosilicate glass, reinforced longitudinally with continuous glass filament yarn at 8-10 mm centers is used to produce STPOuterwrap. Such Glass Fiber Mat is thin, flexible, uniform in an open, porous structure, bonded with a suitable resin and shall have a uniform surface free from holes, tears and other visible defects. This shall be compatible with the hot CTE Coating and shall have a texture so that it may be embedded completely within the coating material.