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Place of Origin:
West Bengal, India
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Two Part Polysulphide Sealant (Gun/Pouring Grade)


Shaliseal PS is based on liquid polysulphide polymers which adhere to most of basic civil engineering materials like cementitious substrates, aluminium, glass, wood, mild steel etc. The product is used for sealing expansion joints, door surrounding joints & floor concrete to wall masonary separation joints etc. After mixing the base component & curing agent in given proportion rubber like material in pourable consistency is formed.



• For expansion joints in Industrial, commercial or residential buildings. Mainly used for sealing horizontal joints.

• Joints in concrete roads bridges, subways, flyovers & airport runway.

• Concrete cracks repairs in slab.

• Joints in water retaining structures like water tank, swimming pool, aqueducts, dams, canals & reservoirs.

• Atomic nuclear power station reactors domes.

• Joints between pipe lines.

• Roof light joints.


Pot life1 hour at 35oC
Shelf life1 year
StorageUnder shade in cool dry place without
Setting timeopening container
Full cure6 hours at 35oC
ColourUpto 8 days in tropical conditions
Shore A HardnessGrey
Specific Gravity1.6 to 1.7
Solid Content97 to 100%
Application Temperature5°C to 50°C
Service Temperature0°Cto 85°C
Movement Accommodation Factor25% of average joint width


BS 5212, Part II, ASTM C 920



25% of average joint width

• Excellent UV resistance after full cure is over.

• Can withstand in fully submerged condition.

• Good chemical & water resistance.

• Adhesion compatible to most of substrate.

• Suitable for potable water after full cure.

• Very high thermal flexibility.

• Very high service life.


The surface should be fully dry, clean and free from dust, laitance, oil and grease etc. Clean with sand paper & wire brush, then dust and foreign particles to be removed.

Use of primer is optional, it ensures strong bonding between substrate and sealant.



Sealant application should start after 30 minutes but not later than 2 hours after priming the surface.



The Base and Accelerator compounds are packed in pre



weighed quantity as per the mixing ratio. Mix the material of individual container. Transfer entire quantity of Accelerator to the base compound and mix it thoroughly to a uniform and


homogenous grey colour. Mixing can be done manually with spatula/palette knife or special flat stirrer attached to a low speed electric mixer less than 500 r.p.m.



Finish the joint in concave shape by using wooden batten soaked in soap water or white sprit from time to time.



Shaliseal PS Pouring Grade comes in 4 Kg packs. Higher packaging can be done as per customer’s requirement.