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Over four decades ago, Carlisle pioneered single-ply roofing.
No other manufacturer has a comparable track record.

EPDM Roofing Systems

Over four decades ago, Carlisle pioneered single-ply roofing. Today, more than ten billion square feet of membrane have been sold. No other manufacturer has a comparable track record.

EPDMs success is due to its many exceptional characteristics, including material longevity, weatherability and elasticity. These non-reinforced membranes are lightweight, easy to maneuver on the roof and offer optimal reroofing as well as new roofing solutions.

Sure-Seal (black) EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) nonreinforced membranes are available in standard 45-, 60- and 90-mil thicknesses. Membrane widths up to 50' and lengths to 200' afford less rooftop seaming for large projects. Custom sizes may be requested.
Fully-Adhered Systems utilizing EPDM require mechanical or adhesive attachment of the insulation and bonding of the membrane to the insulation with the recommended adhesive.

Ballasted designs incorporate a loose-laid insulation and membrane and the use of ballast or pavers as securement. Sure-Seal (black) reinforced membranes, in 45-, 60- and 75-mil thicknesses, are manufactured with a polyester reinforcement completely encapsulated between two plies of EPDM. Specially-developed for Carlisles Mechanically-Fastened Systems, Metal Retrofit and Fully- Adhered Systems, the membrane offers greater fatigue and punctureresistance.
Physical property enhancements (as compared to nonreinforced membrane) are evident in the following charts.

EPDM with Factory-Applied SecurTAPE

Carlisle has led the industry in the development of Pressure-Sensitive technology for products including our innovative Pourable Sealer Pockets, Inside/Outside Corners, RUSS, EPDM Flashing and SecurTAPE. Now Carlisle has pioneered another revolutionary advancement in technology.
Carlisles HP-250 Primer and SecurTAPE are applied to EPDM Classic membranes in a factory controlled setting, ensuring greater reliability, higher peel and shear strengths, and no entrapped air bubbles. Consistent placement of the SecurTAPE also maximizes the splice area by controlling
the placement within plus or minus 1/8". Factory-Applied SecurTAPE improves seaming productivity by nearly 75% and addresses the roofing industrys biggest challenge - the shortage of labor. This means completing projects faster, improving the ability to get buildings in the dry in less time and minimizing business disruption. Less material to load onto the roof reduces the concern about material waste and disposal.

Factory-Applied SecurTAPE is available on 45-, 60- and 90-mil EPDM Classic membranes. Available in the innovative two pack, Carlisles 10' x 100', 45- and 60-mil membranes come dust free with 3" or 6" tape. 90-mil membranes are produced in 10' x 50' panels with 6" tape to accommodate Carlisles 30 Year System Warranty requirements. For applications requiring dusted sheeting, Carlisle produces 60-mil, 10' x 100's in two packs as well as 45- and 60-mil, 20' x 100' sheeting. Dusted sheeting is available with 3" SecurTAPE.